eSourcing eSSentials Live! October 2021

Never Run Out of Candidates

About this course

We started it for recruiters, but eSourcing training isn’t just for them. Many firms have dedicated sourcers or research people whose job it is to find the passive candidates for all the open positions. And while we teach this primarily to the talent acquisition community, we’ve had sales people eagerly take this class for the same reason. Finding people online is faster than any other method. (Yes, we even tried door to door.)

Half of recruiters are only using LinkedIn to find people. Don’t be that guy! (Okay, we’ll teach you LinkedIn methods, but only for a fraction of class.) Our students call this the highest return on your investment in the sourcing market today. Try it out and learn why more than 70% of our customers are repeat customers, and why we are recommend by business coaches, entrepreneurs, and even other trainers.

9 2 Hour Classes
1 Month of Training
2 Amazing Trainers


  • You want to NEVER run out of people to recruit, no matter whom you target.
  • You're ready to conquer Boolean Search the EASIEST way out there.
  • You need more candidates in an extremely tight labor market.
  • You learn better when training is FUN.
  • You've trained with Jason and Tricia before, and just can't get enough of the most highly reviewed trainers in our industry.
  • You prefer to find people without deception.
  • You spend too much time on sourcing, and want to know how to do it FAST.
  • You are tired of sourcing being a struggle, and are ready to do it right.


  • See everyone on LinkedIn, no matter how little you pay or how many connections you enjoy.
  • Find contact information for anyone. (Within limits, we aren't bypassing Witness Protection or holding a séance.)
  • Uncover ways to find members of nearly any association or conference.
  • We'll cover posting jobs, because there is a good way to do it no matter what the other trainers say.
  • More than names and contact information, we'll teach you the best way to reach out to them as well! After class, you'll have the perfect email.
  • Pay nothing for sites like LinkedIn and Zoominfo, while still seeing everything you need. You'll pull people from the far corners of the internet.
  • Learn how to turn pictures into candidates with our NEW image search.
  • You will end this program with a folder of searches for on-demand candidates, anytime and anywhere
  • Go beyond LinkedIn with instructions on our favorite sites and ways to search, guaranteeing you NEVER run out of candidates!
  • We'll even teach you how to automate this so you can SEARCH THE FUTURE.

Your Instructors

Jason Thibeault

Jason Thibeault

Jason’s been teaching logic since college, which was not a recent life event for him. He basically speaks computer. He’s also a published fiction author, black belt martial artist, full desk recruiter, father, philosopher, and former Captain in Air Force Space Command.
Tricia Tamkin

Tricia Tamkin

Tricia has owned a search firm since before recruiters had computers on their desk. She added online search to those skills in the 90s, but easily goes old school. She’s started a number of successful business and been quoted by numerous magazines and trade journals.

Find more candidates than you need. Fast.


Frequently Asked Questions

When is class?
eSourcing eSSentials Plus begins on Monday, October 4 at 1 PM Central, and runs for two hours each day that week. Week Two has two sessions on October 13th and 14th, and the final two sessions are on October 20th and 21st. All classes are taught live, and will run for approximately 2 hours per day.
Can I get a recording?
No. Well sort of. Imagine you've just seen a summer blockbuster for about ten dollars. If you had the recording to bring home to your friends and family (and everyone else in the theater did as well,) it would signify the end of ticket sales. Soon the movie industry would be bankrupt and you'd have to huddle around the fire and tell stories instead. That said, we understand that sometimes you need a recording to train your whole team, and to keep them trained as you add staff. Call Tricia and talk about private training in those cases.
Can I pay for one and sneak the rest of my team around the screen?
Remember that movie example? This is instead like paying to see the movie and then letting the rest of your friend in through the emergency exit like some sort of obnoxious, thieving teenager. No, don't do that. Get off my lawn!
I'd like to pay to register more than one person, how do I do that?
You have a couple options. You can pass your credit card around and have each person register themselves, or you can call Tricia at 630.830.3000 and she can process everything in one transaction and then provide you with coupon codes to distribute to your team for each person to set up their account.
How many seats are available?
We cap class at thirty people. This keeps the size manageable with two instructors so no one's questions or needs get ignored by the mass of people. It's the difference between planning a party with a few friends, and planning a party with Congress. With the former, you'll get things done and have more fun.
Are there training materials I get to keep?
We're glad you asked. Yes, so much aftercare. First, every class comes with a pdf workbook. Every session generates a search string document which will also be saved to your dashboard for you to download. Finally, you'll be invited to our forum on Facebook to get your answers when something changes whether it is weeks or years after class. It's like having you college professors available if something they taught you doesn't work on the job.
What kind of computer background do I need?
You should have a computer. Even though we'll be teaching you complex Boolean search strings, we'll make sure you understand. We've had students range from power users to people that didn't know how to right click with a mouse.

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