Facebook Fuel September 2018

Access 2 Billion People

About this course

Facebook has nearly two billion users, and they are all more active on the site than the average person is on LinkedIn. People of all walks of life waste time on Facebook, from CEOs to CNC Machinists. We will give you access to all of them. Everyone is on Facebook. From grandmothers to teens, welders to high end execs. Facebook gives you a way to find them all. Every recruiter should be e-Sourcing candidates from them.

Years ago, when Graph Search (Facebook’s semantic search tool) came online, we were the first training firm to build a class for it. We literally taught it the same month as it first became possible to source people from Facebook. The challenge is now a different one. Searching the social network was so powerful, people found it creepy. They dialed back the functionality – but we still know how to find it and exploit it for candidates.

3 Hour Class
1 Hour QA Session
2 Amazing Trainers


  • You want to learn how to access candidates and prospects on Facebook.
  • You know there is money to be made on Facebook but you don't know how.
  • You learn better when you can go back and watch class over again.
  • You've wanted to take this class but the timing has never been right.


  • Control Your Account. If you're going to talk with candidates or customers on Facebook, let's make sure your Facebook account is set up correctly and your information is protected..
  • Paid Advertising for Job Postings. Learn the steps involved to have your jobs show up in your target audiences' News Feed. No one does it, and you'll be surprised at the results. We've made hires with this technique, but we made a lot of mistakes first. We don’t want you to make the same mistakes.
  • Organic Referrals. There's a whole other world inside of Facebook groups. If you approach them the correct way, there’s an amazing (and free) way to get to the people you need. We’ll show you how to organically build referrals in less than 20 minutes a day..
  • Direct Sourcing. Finding exactly the people you need on Facebook takes skill. We’re going to teach you how to manipulate the URL to force Facebook to show you exactly the people you want. Isolate people in a specific geography who like a specific association (who likes the IEEE if they aren’t an electrical engineer??). Search based on what school they went to, what degree they have, what they like, how old they are…what you can search on is only limited by your imagination..

Your Instructors

Jason Thibeault

Jason Thibeault

Jason’s been teaching logic since college, which was not a recent life event for him. He basically speaks computer. He’s also a published fiction author, black belt martial artist, full desk recruiter, father, philosopher, and former Captain in Air Force Space Command.
Tricia Tamkin

Tricia Tamkin

Tricia has owned a search firm since before recruiters had computers on their desk. She added online search to those skills in the 90s, but easily goes old school. She’s started a number of successful business and been quoted by numerous magazines and trade journals.

Isn't it time to leverage Facebook for your business?


Class Curriculum

  Welcome to Facebook Fuel
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days after you enroll
  Facebook Fuel
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  Facebook Fuel QA
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Frequently Asked Questions

When is class?
Facebook Fuel will be taught live on Tuesday, September 18th at Noon Central for three hours. Your QA Session will be on Friday, September 21st at 2pm Central for one hour.
How do I attend the live program?
You will login in through your computer and dial in through your phone. We use the WebEx Platform. Once you've registered for the program, you'll be taken to your dashboard. There's a short 6-minute video to show you how to use WebEx and to make the process easier.
What kind of computer background do I need?
You should have a computer. Even though we'll be teaching you complex Boolean search strings, we'll make sure you understand. We've had students range from power users to people that didn't know how to right click with a mouse.

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