Mail Mastery February 2018

Get passive candidates to respond to your email

About this course

Since its inception, email has become the primary method of business communication. So much so, that there are people who almost never answer the phone and still find time to return emails. The question is, are they returning your emails?

Getting an email returned starts with not landing in a spam folder. Then you have to not sound like spam in your subject - or you still won't be opened. If you pass those hurdles, you just have to be interesting enought to get a response. We teach all of that.

2 Hour Class
50% Increase in responses
2 Amazing Trainers


  • You are relying heavily on email when reaching out to clients or candidates.
  • You mostly use the phone, but are finding your voicemails aren't returned either. So you are thinking of switching to email
  • You are a recruiter in any year after 1996.
  • Your response rates have taken a dive and you don't kow why.
  • You want to get away from paid InMail but aren't sure how it will go.


  • Getting your email opened. It doesn't matter how good the content is if your email is sitting in their file of emails they'll never read.
  • Staying out of spam. They won't even have a chance to read your email if they never see it.
  • Why your current email content is such a turn off.
  • What you should say in an email if you want a response - word for word..
  • And if we have time, how to do all this and still spend LESS time on email.

Your Instructors

Jason Thibeault

Jason Thibeault

Jason’s been teaching logic since college, which was not a recent life event for him. He basically speaks computer. He’s also a published fiction author, black belt martial artist, full desk recruiter, father, philosopher, and former Captain in Air Force Space Command. He prefers email if you want to reach out to him.
Tricia Tamkin

Tricia Tamkin

Tricia has owned a search firm since before recruiters had computers on their desk. She added online search to those skills in the 90s, but easily goes old school. She’s started a number of successful business and been quoted by numerous magazines and trade journals. Tricia answers her own phone, but may even have her voicemails emailed to her.

If your candidates have a smartphone in their hand, you're in good hands.


Class Curriculum

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is class?
Mail Master is on February 15th, 2018 at 1:30 PM Central. Our exciting program will run two hours with a brief break during intermission.
How do I attend the live program?
You will login in through your computer and dial in through your phone. We use the WebEx Platform. Once you've registered for the program, you'll be taken to your dashboard. There's a short 6-minute video to show you how to use WebEx and to make the process easier.
What kind of computer background do I need?
You should have a computer. Otherwise you can't send email. .Attending class would likewise be difficult. But beyond that, our tricks need no special skills.

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