Relationship Recruiting September 2018

The better your relationships the more placements you make

About this course

It's all about improving your recruiting skills. We've even narrowed the class down to the two types of people who most often tell us they have something they need to work on: New Recruiters, and Not-new Recruiters. Because becoming more skilled at your job is great for everyone.

Successful recruiting is about relationships. Who are you more likely to open up to, a friend or a stranger? Who would you take advice from? Yet, so many recruiters try to make it in this business by handling everything more as brief business transaction. You can be better.

3 3 Hour Classes
3 2 Hour Classes
2 Amazing Trainers


  • You want to sound better to candidates.
  • You're voicemails could use improvement, and more callbacks.
  • You learn better when training is fun.
  • You've trained with Jason and Tricia before, and just can't get enough.
  • Your candidates never become clients.


  • Scripts and voicemeails to improve your relationship building with candidates
  • A referral process that delivers results - meaning more candidtes.
  • Ways to prep candidates to make the offer more likely.
  • Procedures and the correct order to follow for everything from candidates presentations to the interview

Your Instructors

Jason Thibeault

Jason Thibeault

Jason’s been teaching logic since college, which was not a recent life event for him. He basically speaks computer. He’s also a published fiction author, black belt martial artist, full desk recruiter, father, philosopher, and former Captain in Air Force Space Command.
Tricia Tamkin

Tricia Tamkin

Tricia has owned a search firm since before recruiters had computers on their desk. She added online search to those skills in the 90s, but easily goes old school. She’s started a number of successful business and been quoted by numerous magazines and trade journals.

Be a friend, not a sales pitch.


Frequently Asked Questions

When is class?
Relationship Recruiting begins on Monday, September 24th at 10 AM Central, and runs for two hours. In fact, it runs for two hours at the same time all week. The following week class resumes for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
Can I get a recording?
No. Well sort of. Imagine you've just seen a summer blockbuster for about ten dollars. If you had the recording to bring home to your friends and family (and everyone else in the theater did as well,) it would signify the end of ticket sales. Soon the movie industry would be bankrupt and you'd have to huddle around the fire and tell stories instead. That said, we understand that sometimes you need a recording to train your whole team, and to keep them trained as you add staff. Call Tricia and talk about private training in those cases.
Can I pay for one and sneak the rest of my team around the screen?
Remember that movie example? This is instead like paying to see the movie and then letting the rest of your friend in through the emergency exit like some sort of obnoxious, thieving teenager. No, don't do that. Get off my lawn!
I'd like to pay to register more than one person, how do I do that?
You have a couple options. You can pass your credit card around and have each person register themselves, or you can call Tricia at 630.830.3000 and she can get all of you signed up.
How many seats are available?
We cap this class at 25 people. This keeps the size manageable with two instructors so no one's questions or needs get ignored by the mass of people. It's the difference between planning a party with a few friends, and planning a party with Congress. With the former, you'll get things done and have more fun.
Are there training materials I get to keep?
We're glad you asked. Yes, we don't make that mistake anymore. First, every class comes with a pdf workbook. Some sessions may include additional materials, that will also be yours to keep.
What kind of computer background do I need?
You should have a computer. This class is far more relationship focused than it is technology focused. It's the difference between a friend asking you a favor, and a robot asking for one. (Actually, that might be cool.)

This course is not open for enrollment.